Why Handmade Soaps are better

Do you know what's in your soap? Find out why handmade soaps are better than commercial soaps and how your choice of soap can affect your health.

Handmade soaps aren’t just soaps that aren’t made in a factory, the processing is completely different. More fat is used in handmade soap, and the resulting soap usually contains more glycerin than regular soaps. There are several ways this makes handmade soaps much better than commercial soaps.

1. Retain natural oils

The excessive processing of commercial soaps hardly leaves any of the original oils’ goodness behind. But with handmade soaps, the benefits are maintained in the end product, with minimal loss of the good stuff.

2. Offer better moisturization

The handmade soap process causes the least loss of natural glycerin, which means there’s lots left in the soap for you! This improves the soap’s moisturizing properties, and helps restore the skin’s natural pH levels.

3. Are made with natural ingredients

Unlike the unpronouncable chemicals added to commercial soap manufacturing, handmade soaps are made with care, using fresh, local and natural ingredients. This means that the soap has a short ingredient list, so the user can be fully aware of exactly what goes into his soap.

4. Have a natural fragrance

The use of natural products and their minimal processing helps in retaining their natural aromas. Due to this, there is no need of any chemical fragrance or perfume, which are nothing but a cocktail of harmful chemicals.

5. Are of higher quality

Handmade soaps aren’t mass produced, which means a lot of care and attention goes into the making of each soap. The use of fresh ingredients ensures that the soaps have a quality far superior to that of commercial soaps.

6. Have a smaller carbon footprint

Using local ingredients, local labor and making small quantities helps reduce the carbon footprint of these soaps. There isn’t as much requirement of fuel, transport or use of other resources which can hurt the environment.

7. Serve multiple purposes

You’ve probably heard of how a single ingredient like coconut oil or aloe vera has multiple benefits for your skin, hair and health. This is why handmade soaps can serve multiple purposes like moisturizing, oil control, body odor and much more. So you need fewer products which means a much smaller chemical assault on your body.

If you’ve ever had the chance to touch, feel and smell a handmade soap, or even entered a store selling handmade soaps, you’ll be amazed at the aroma. They smell delicious and good enough to eat! That’s because they are made with ingredients that are good for your health.

After reading about why handmade soaps are better, I’m sure you won’t look at another bar of soap the same way again! It is important for us to take this seriously since we realize that it can have a lasting impact on our health. Take the time to get informed about what goes into your soap and not get swayed by glittering ads featuring celebrities. Let’s focus on the facts and do what’s best for our family’s health!